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What is PerfectPage?^

PerfectPage.io is online software that is focused on helping you improve and grow your website. We work great for small businesses, bloggers and other individuals who have built and maintain their own website but don't have the time to become experts in web optimization or read every blog post ever created on the subject.

In addition to helping you improve your website, we also make sure that your website is running properly every minute of every day (and alert/help you when it's not), help you to compare your site against industry competitors, and provide useful analytic visuals for you to measure your growth.

What new features are coming?^

We can't give everything away, but we are working on increasing our features in the following areas:

  • Adding to the number of page elements that we measure and record (currently at 150+)
  • Promotion for your website through PerfectPage
  • Community support and networking
  • Deeper analytical analysis

We are only on PerfectPage version 1.0 at the moment. Come aboard for the exciting ride!

How does a subscription work?^

Subscribing to PerfectPage for a small monthly or annual fee enables you access to our online software for optimizing and tracking your website.

The subscription fee will be charged when you sign up as well as the beginning of every month following (the beginning of your month is relative to the day you signed up).

You are free to cancel at any time!

Can I get a refund?^

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. All of our plans come with 7-day, unlimited trials so that you can fully test the product. Your credit card will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

Is my information private?^

Certainly! We only ask for the information that we need to improve your experience with our software, but that's it.

We don't even keep your credit card information. All of the payments currently go through the Stripe platform for processing.

As some point, we may ask to feature you on our blog, but that's up to you!

Does PerfectPage guarantee website growth?^

Ah ... we wish we could, but unfortunately we can't guarantee your website's performance.

What we can guarantee is that we'll work to provide you with the best tools, information, insights, and tracking available, and that we'll never stop trying to improve our platform!