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Content Analysis that Brings More Search Engine Traffic to Your Website

PerfectPage is an online tool that improves your website's SEO, content, compliance, and conversion rates (now with artificial intelligence from IBM's Watson!).

PerfectPage website optimization tool

"PerfectPage is one of our must-have digital marketing and website optimization tools."

Tyler Willis, Digital Marketing Manager at Mullin/Ashley

How it Works

1Create Your Content

Create your content just like you do now. Or you can submit existing webpages (URLs).

2PerfectPage Improves Your Content

PerfectPage gives you personalized recommendations for your content that will improve your SEO, clickthrough rate, compliance, and overall performance.

3Get More Traffic

Now that your webpage is optimized, you'll find yourself getting more traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more sales!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does PerfectPage do again?

Automated content analysis.

PerfectPage will take all of the content and code that makes up your webpage and review it for SEO, user experience, conversion optimization, performance, social media, readability, compliance, and now, tone, thanks to artifical intelligence from IBM's Watson. It will then give you specific feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Depending on the plan that you select, PerfectPage will scan new webpages automatically as you create them and will send you a detailed report to your inbox. For the rest of our plans, the same content analysis is available by logging in to PerfectPage.

By analyzing your webpages and following PerfectPage's recommendations, you will see your results rise in search rankings and receive more traffic to your site.

Will PerfectPage update my content automatically?

No. PerfectPage will coach you to write and create better content with specific feedback and personal recommendations.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, it's in the form of our free Starter plan. You can sign up for that plan to get a feel of what PerfectPage has to offer and how it fits with your needs.

Does PerfectPage only work in English?

PerfectPage works best in English but the majority of our scans will work regardless of language.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Not at the moment, but we would encourage you to try out the Starter plan and ask us any questions that you may have at support@perfectpage.io.

Ready to Get More Search Engine Traffic?

Try PerfectPage today

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