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Your new website growth team

Our mission

Our mission in a nutshell is to give you - small business owner, blogger, entrepreneur, self-developer - the tools to monitor and improve your website without breaking the bank.

The online software out there today to help you improve your website is not affordable, practical, or easy to understand for someone trying to build a web presence starting from square one.

Pricing: the current collection of PerfectPage tools costs 1/5th of what the industry is currently charging for similar tools.

One Dashboard: in order to attain similar tools, you'd have to sign up for six different platforms whereas with PerfectPage it's all on one convenient dashboard.

User Experience: other similar tools are created by people with knowledge of the software, but not hands-on, small business experience. We use words that non-programmers can understand.

Desire: not for a quick buck, but desire for improvement. Desire for change. Desire to make a positive impact on you - small business owner, blogger, entrepreneur, self-developer.

This is only the beginning - there is more to come!

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Meet Tyler

I have been all about entrepreneurship, small business and DIY since I was a child. I watched my parents work hard every night pinching-pennies and trying to build their dreams.

After getting married right out of college, I worked my butt off putting in 14-hour days as a logistics manager and then started consulting small businesses on the side to earn extra income.

It was when I got laid off from my logistics job that everything changed. I planted myself in front of a computer for four straight months and learned how to develop websites.

After four of the scariest months of my life watching my bank account get smaller and smaller, I was able to turn my newly-learned skills into a great job as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Now, I want to give back to you. You are pinching your pennies. You are watching your bank account dwindle (or at least wouldn't mind a tad more security). You are reaching for your dream.

My goal is to give you the tools necessary to compete with the big companies while not worrying about your bank account.

This is version 1 of PerfectPage. This is just the beginning.

Tyler Willis - Founder of PerfectPage (Connect on LinkedIn)

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